Piranhas Vs Wests Orcas Post Game Review

Don’t you just love playing at Ian Galloway!! Even more so with short notice!


What a game Piranhas! We took this one to the ocean where we encountered several Orca Pods waiting to attack….

Unfortunately for us, the giant mammals outplayed us in tough conditions to take the win with 11 tries to 7.  After an 8 tries to 2 first half, I think we did remarkably well to come back, winning the second half 5 tries to 3. 

Although we suffered our first defeat of the season, the experience gave us the chance to focus on areas where we need to improve.  2 areas to focus on this week will be more TACKLING and holding on to the ball in close quarter confrontation……see you at training Wednesday.

Lots of great individual achievements for the week but a few special ones to note;

Walt – Congrats on receiving player of the day.  Walt was everywhere on Saturday. Every breakdown, every loose ball and every kick off.  Walt, you had an excellent game, committing physically to the ruck, always looking for a chance to steal the ball, and several great runs with ball in hand.

Tana – drastically improved this week, looking for ways to be involved in the tackle and tackle ball areas and adjusting to a new position.

Paige – also adjusting to a new position that she had never played before, continued to look for ways to be involved. Great work!

As a team I think we also found that we can’t always rely on our “hot stepping” and especially when its slippery. 


Again guys, very happy with the effort this week and I can’t wait for us to continue to improve weekly.

See you at training Wednesday.

  • Coach