Piranhas Game 25 May 2018


  • When:  Saturday 25th May
  • Where: Kilbirnie Park 3
  • Time:  Kick-off is at 9:30am so please be there by 9:00 am for warm up.
  • Opposition: Wellington Hurricanes


Edward Goldie is captain this weekend and will

  • Do the coin toss
  • Lead the team in our call
  • Lead the team onto the field
  • Take the first kick-off
  • Lead the three cheers for the opposition and the referee
  • Lead the handshakes with the opposition, and
  • Award the POD ribbon to the opposition team POD

Captains family brings:

  • Oranges for half time,
  • Choose the player of the day from the opposition


Please let me know if your son/daughter is not available on the week he/she is to be captain so I can nominate someone else!


The Captain next week : 

Jackson Hill


  • When: Wednesday 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Where: Kilbirnie Park
  • Gear: Mouthguards, comfortable training clothes/jacket, water bottle