Piranhas Vs Wellington Hurricanes Post Game Review

There was quite the storm brewing over the weekend, as Piranhas were witnessed chasing Hurricanes on Saturday morning.

Well done on the win team.  Its always a great feeling achieving local derby wins.

This week, everything that we practiced, came to fruition.  As a coach, this is great to see. 

We had 3 main focus points this week;

  • Defense
  • Close quarter ball retention (Washing Machines)
  • Tackling

I saw great success in each of these areas, although (as always) we really need to sharpen our tackling techniques. Never fear, tackling is something that we will focus on all year.

It was great to welcome Zack back into the team this week and was a pleasure to watch you get your head straight back into the game with some strong ball running and support play.

Walt was again on fire! We may need to bring some ice in the oranges bucket next week to keep you cool.

Uhila – well done on player of the day. You make running look effortless, like you are ice skating on grass.  Your commitment to tackling, and the bravery you displayed after being injured, earned you the honors this week.

Another thing to note is the work that people are doing without the ball.  This work often goes unnoticed but is an integral part to our victory.  Those people that are continually clearing out at the ruck, that are first to support their teammate when they get tackled, that are making sure we keep possession of the ball, you guys are awesome.  These are people like Noah, Solomon, Sebastian, Walt, Tana and Max.  The forwards!! Keep up the good work.

Big game this weekend, I’d like to go over some tactics for this game at training on Wednesday, so please remember to make sure you are at training on time.  Please let me know if you cannot make it. There was some confusion over training last week, basically, training will always be on unless otherwise notified.  Best to keep an eye on your emails, or here at piranhas.nz. On wet weather days, we spend half an hour in the changing rooms closest to the gym side (furthest from green room) going over theory and warm up and then the second half in the greenroom.

See you all there.