Piranhas vs Pythons: Post Game review

As always, a very competitive local derby game this week.  I very nearly had a heart attack during this game (lol)


A game that we are always looking forward to throughout the season, the Piranhas vs Pythons game allows us the opportunity to assess the talent that we have in the under 10 grade and I am extremely lucky/excited to be a part of it.

We started off very slow this week, gifting the Pythons tries through our lack of execution.  The halftime talk consisted of identifying that our downfalls were things that we had been practicing all season long; blowing over/committing at the rucks, holding on to the ball in the contact area, tackling early…. these things we managed to get on top of and eliminate for the 2nd half.  The beauty about our talk was identifying that we were making individual mistakes, that we needed to accept responsibility of our mistakes, and being able to think about our actions to stop us from continuing to make the same mistakes. This is a hard concept to grasp at our level and you should all be really proud.

Player of the day this week was Max, very well deserved. I talked to Max on the field on Saturday, before our chat, but along the same lines as our chat.  Max turned up perhaps a little sleepy and I let Max know that the Pythons scored twice due to Max not holding on to the ball in the tackle, and it getting clean ripped out of his possession before being able to take the ball to ground.  The reason Max got player of the day was that he took on board what was said, and made a real effort throughout the rest of the game to make sure that he did not continue the same mistakes.  And he did.  Max made himself more available than I’d ever seen before, he powered through contact and made good advantage line every run, and he did not let that ball go out of his arms again the entire game. Well done Max.


Solomon also had an outstanding game, chasing down tackles, securing our ball possession at the ruck, and managing to do this all on one boot for a period of time.


Zack, as always, outstanding contribution.  You really are becoming a force to be reckoned with, and an integral part of the Piranhas family.  I like the way that I can discuss with you your style of play, hear your thoughts on the matter and come to a decision that we are both happy with.  You are strong, fast and your knowledge of the game and what to expect is amazing.  Good job Zack.


Jackson, you were made to carry the team a little early in the 2nd half.  You took responsibility on your shoulders to ensure that we did not fall behind.   You are an amazing player, and also your distribution to your team mates shows your unselfishness on the field. 

3 more games left of the season guys, let’s make them good ones.  See ya Wednesday.