Katipo Coaching Crew Chat

Now here’s a few words from the coaching crew after last weekend’s games:

It’s a good problem to have when the T-boy is getting tired from carrying the T out to the kicker too often, and that was the excellent conundrum at Sunday’s reps game.
Saturday’s game against Wests saw some great performances at the breakdown – notably by Max and Kristian, with Kristian recognised by Wests who were delighted to borrow him for the second half and awarded him Player of the Day.

Thomas earned the Katipo Player of the Day for his great support running, keenly following the ball carrier to protect the ball; and Van took home the coveted chocolate bar for his unfailing commitment to stop the big players getting through. Overall a well-deserved win that the whole team can be proud of.

After a great game on Saturday, Katipo doubled down with their best performance of the season to help Poneke win back the shield against MSP. Where the All Blacks were found lacking as a group of great individuals who couldn’t string it together as a team, the Katipo demonstrated the power of unity – defensively moving up in a line to shut down any hope of attack, and passing the ball around to find holes in the opposition defence. It was looking like a tough start as MSP showed that they had some big players who were hard to stop once they had speed, but Katipo showed great fitness setting up defensive lines and moving forward in a line to tackle in twos and threes before MSP had a chance to gather any speed.

Tackler of the day could have gone to any one of a number of players, but the standout tackle was Sebastian’s try saving tackle which saw him explode forward from the try line and drive back not just the ball carrier, but two support players also. MSP recognised Tasi’s sensational speed and power in giving him Player of the Day.

Walt was awarded Katipo Player of the Day for his support running and great ball handling – taking difficult passes and running well into the opposition with well-timed passes to keep the ball alive and create opportunities.

Overall, the forwards did their job really well, enabling Paige to spin the ball out for a rep rugby try fest by our sensational backline of Harley, Jackson, Van, U’hila, Walt and Douglas.