Katipo Team Chat

Hey team Katipo
Firstly, thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday’s tourney such a success – as they say, many hands make light work, and that definitely rung true with the BBQ and baking. We raised a whopping $515, before expenses, and it was great to see all the families working together.
Just a couple of things to note/diary:
* Practice this Wednesday will be at the POOL – meet 4.30pm in the pool foyer and we’ll sort the kids out from there. We will use the team fund, ie BBQ money to pay. Pick up will be 6pm, as usual.
* August 18 – last rep fixture, versus Para-Plimm at Poneke, most likely morning games.
* August 31 – prizegiving at Poneke in the afternoon, time to be confirmed, but likely to be 12-3ish. Then we’ve got our own Katipo prizegiving, 6pm at Parrot Dog, courtesy of Ruka (Paige’s Dad).

Coaches Column:

Great game on Saturday against our rival Wellington with Katipo coming out on top 36-24.
POD from us, Tasi, for some committed running with fire in his belly and a hat trick to his name, POD from the opposition to Jackson, and tackler of the day to Thomas for some copy book tackles, awesome work.
Also a couple of other notable mentions, in the forwards, Noah and Solomon for some strong running straight up the guts with confidence, and Walt in the backs, who was eager to get one up on his mates in the opposition playing with some wind in his sails, great stuff and keep it up.
Roll onto to Sunday and team Katipo looked a little tired, being dragged out of bed on a Sunday morning for 4 more games of rugby.
We found ourselves in a tough pool and first up Katipo didn’t play to our potential and suffering the consequences, but to their credit they did not give up, something we have been trying to instill and Katipo came away with the final try.
Katipo got better as the day went on, being level at halftime with eventual winners of the tournament HOBM and also a much improved performance against Tawa after our early season encounter with them and eventually ending the day on a high with a win over Newlands, earning themselves a more relaxed practice this week at the pool.
Great experience, great character building and a great team to be a part of, Go Team KATIPO.