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Piranhas vs Pythons: Post Game review

As always, a very competitive local derby game this week.  I very nearly had a heart attack during this game (lol)


A game that we are always looking forward to throughout the season, the Piranhas vs Pythons game allows us the opportunity to assess the talent that we have in the under 10 grade and I am extremely lucky/excited to be a part of it.

We started off very slow this week, gifting the Pythons tries through our lack of execution.  The halftime talk consisted of identifying that our downfalls were things that we had been practicing all season long; blowing over/committing at the rucks, holding on to the ball in the contact area, tackling early…. these things we managed to get on top of and eliminate for the 2nd half.  The beauty about our talk was identifying that we were making individual mistakes, that we needed to accept responsibility of our mistakes, and being able to think about our actions to stop us from continuing to make the same mistakes. This is a hard concept to grasp at our level and you should all be really proud.

Player of the day this week was Max, very well deserved. I talked to Max on the field on Saturday, before our chat, but along the same lines as our chat.  Max turned up perhaps a little sleepy and I let Max know that the Pythons scored twice due to Max not holding on to the ball in the tackle, and it getting clean ripped out of his possession before being able to take the ball to ground.  The reason Max got player of the day was that he took on board what was said, and made a real effort throughout the rest of the game to make sure that he did not continue the same mistakes.  And he did.  Max made himself more available than I’d ever seen before, he powered through contact and made good advantage line every run, and he did not let that ball go out of his arms again the entire game. Well done Max.


Solomon also had an outstanding game, chasing down tackles, securing our ball possession at the ruck, and managing to do this all on one boot for a period of time.


Zack, as always, outstanding contribution.  You really are becoming a force to be reckoned with, and an integral part of the Piranhas family.  I like the way that I can discuss with you your style of play, hear your thoughts on the matter and come to a decision that we are both happy with.  You are strong, fast and your knowledge of the game and what to expect is amazing.  Good job Zack.


Jackson, you were made to carry the team a little early in the 2nd half.  You took responsibility on your shoulders to ensure that we did not fall behind.   You are an amazing player, and also your distribution to your team mates shows your unselfishness on the field. 

3 more games left of the season guys, let’s make them good ones.  See ya Wednesday.

Piranhas vs MSP Tigers: Post game review

Well Piranhas, you really are making my job difficult in selecting player of the day.


This weeks game saw no short of material to commend as we managed a big win against the first MSP team that we have played this season, the Tigers.


Operating at such high intensity our ball protection and fast clearing at the breakdown saw us stroll away to a 13 tries to 7 home win on a beautiful Saturday monring down at Kilbirnie park.


So, what happened?

Mana – awesome to see you get up from every tackle, picking up scrapes, cuts and bruises, and continuing to strive to play better and better.  Always aware on defense, always powering forward on attack, top try scorer of the week, well done.

Noah – you had a brilliant game and got quite a few barn storming runs in this week, unlucky not to get player of the day but keep doing what you do.  It is an awesome feeling seeing new Piranhas coming into the team and integrating easily, its like you have been in our team forever now.

Solomon – massive hits from you on the weekend.  A few of which even made me cringe.  I’m glad you are on our team and not an opposition team. Another new Piranha, we enjoy having you in our team.

Bash – congratulations on player of the day. You had an awesome game scoring a few beautiful looking tries, and I feel like you have improved a lot over the past few weeks. Keep up the good work.


Unfortunately, one of our Piranhas had an injury during the week at a school rugby training where a “heavy” year 8 landed on Zack and hurt his leg.  Zack really wanted to come down and support his Piranha family but was still very ginger walking on his leg, we could definitely feel your support in spirit Zack, thanks for the thought.  And we wish you a speedy recovery so you don’t miss too many more games.



See you on Wednesday.



Piranhas Vs Wests Storm: Post Game Review

Piranhas mange to tame the storm on a beautiful Saturday morning at Ian Galloway.


Its not often we get a good experience at Ian Galloway, but this weeks game changed that.  There was sun, no wind, and great field afoot. 

To better our playing experience, we had a great win against a strong Wests team with a final result of 15 tries to 8.

As mentioned on Saturday it was a difficult day to choose a player of the day as so many of our players had absolute stunners.

Those of note;

Kristian – Congratulations on POD award for the day Kristian.  A significant change to your game from the previous week, you were everywhere.  Tackling opponents of bigger size, collection of ball from rucks and some strong runs were just a few of your highlights this week.  Well done.


Max – great work on the try this week.  Busting through 2 big opponents to score the try was just pure class and in the words of your old man “Go you good thing!!”. Also, late in the game took a bit of a knock to the nose but showed determination to carry on through the pain and the opposition, you were unlucky to miss out on a double.


Paige – I love watching you improve each week, working on the points that we discuss at training and executing wonderfully.  The link player responsible for “feeding the backs” I really do think you are finding your feet in your position.  I would love to see you take a few extra darts around the side of the ruck applying some pressure on opposition. 


All fields are open today, so we will get a good hit out on the fields today, bring your boots.

  • Coach

Piranhas Vs Ories Magpies Post Game Review


Swarms of magpies have been seen swirling shark park as pods of Piranhas were spotted running a muck on Saturday.

Good to get a win over Ories this year and we were very lucky to clinch it at the end there.  We started off guns blazing in the first half but seemed to let our guard slip in the 2nd half and at one point let the Magpies take the brief lead before our comeback. The 2nd half slump was something that we discussed at half time but were unable to correct the tempo of play until very late in the 2nd half.  

A win is a win and even better when they got the better of us last time we met.

Some players of note this week;

Congratulations to Tana for P.O.D. You really stepped up this week and were more dedicated to physical contact and really just knuckling in and getting to work on the rugby field.  A couple of solid carries, but your work was really noticeable in the loose play areas and at tackle ball time.  On top of this, Ories was an important game for Tana to get through mentally, as last time we met Tana suffered a head injury. We all know how hard it is to jump back on the horse and I’m glad you did it well. Congrats again Tana.


Mana – as always, some very strong ball runs and tight defense with some bone crunching tackling.

Jackson – proving to be a leader of the group in the all important pivotal position.  Your vision and knowledge of the game is amazing and your command of players on the field to help them get to where they should be, is brilliant.  And as always your hot-stepping and nose for the try line secured you several more tries this game.  Well done.

Tommy – really fitting in to the team now.  Its like you have always been a part of it.  And it seems like you are really enjoying the challenge of playing up a grade this year – i know it can be daunting, but you are adapting very well.  Some more direct ball running and support play is what we like to see.

Thanks guys,

  • Coach



Hi All,

Ground and time change for tomorrow.

We are now playing at Kilbirnie Park 1b (closest to clubrooms) at 9:30am.

Please be there at 9am for warm up.

Please also keep an ear/eye out for cancellations.  As soon as I find out, I will be posting cancellations here, and sending a txt message.



Piranhas Vs Wellington Hurricanes Post Game Review

There was quite the storm brewing over the weekend, as Piranhas were witnessed chasing Hurricanes on Saturday morning.

Well done on the win team.  Its always a great feeling achieving local derby wins.

This week, everything that we practiced, came to fruition.  As a coach, this is great to see. 

We had 3 main focus points this week;

  • Defense
  • Close quarter ball retention (Washing Machines)
  • Tackling

I saw great success in each of these areas, although (as always) we really need to sharpen our tackling techniques. Never fear, tackling is something that we will focus on all year.

It was great to welcome Zack back into the team this week and was a pleasure to watch you get your head straight back into the game with some strong ball running and support play.

Walt was again on fire! We may need to bring some ice in the oranges bucket next week to keep you cool.

Uhila – well done on player of the day. You make running look effortless, like you are ice skating on grass.  Your commitment to tackling, and the bravery you displayed after being injured, earned you the honors this week.

Another thing to note is the work that people are doing without the ball.  This work often goes unnoticed but is an integral part to our victory.  Those people that are continually clearing out at the ruck, that are first to support their teammate when they get tackled, that are making sure we keep possession of the ball, you guys are awesome.  These are people like Noah, Solomon, Sebastian, Walt, Tana and Max.  The forwards!! Keep up the good work.

Big game this weekend, I’d like to go over some tactics for this game at training on Wednesday, so please remember to make sure you are at training on time.  Please let me know if you cannot make it. There was some confusion over training last week, basically, training will always be on unless otherwise notified.  Best to keep an eye on your emails, or here at piranhas.nz. On wet weather days, we spend half an hour in the changing rooms closest to the gym side (furthest from green room) going over theory and warm up and then the second half in the greenroom.

See you all there.



Piranhas Vs Wests Orcas Post Game Review

Don’t you just love playing at Ian Galloway!! Even more so with short notice!


What a game Piranhas! We took this one to the ocean where we encountered several Orca Pods waiting to attack….

Unfortunately for us, the giant mammals outplayed us in tough conditions to take the win with 11 tries to 7.  After an 8 tries to 2 first half, I think we did remarkably well to come back, winning the second half 5 tries to 3. 

Although we suffered our first defeat of the season, the experience gave us the chance to focus on areas where we need to improve.  2 areas to focus on this week will be more TACKLING and holding on to the ball in close quarter confrontation……see you at training Wednesday.

Lots of great individual achievements for the week but a few special ones to note;

Walt – Congrats on receiving player of the day.  Walt was everywhere on Saturday. Every breakdown, every loose ball and every kick off.  Walt, you had an excellent game, committing physically to the ruck, always looking for a chance to steal the ball, and several great runs with ball in hand.

Tana – drastically improved this week, looking for ways to be involved in the tackle and tackle ball areas and adjusting to a new position.

Paige – also adjusting to a new position that she had never played before, continued to look for ways to be involved. Great work!

As a team I think we also found that we can’t always rely on our “hot stepping” and especially when its slippery. 


Again guys, very happy with the effort this week and I can’t wait for us to continue to improve weekly.

See you at training Wednesday.

  • Coach