Justin Nehemia

Piranhas vs Wests Tigers Post Game Review

There were sightings of hungry Piranhas in the jungle over the weekend as we went Tiger hunting.

What a game to start the season!!

Congratulations to our Piranha debutantes – Edward, Tommy, Noah, Mana and Solomon.

This year poses an advancement in the skills and strategies that we began to implement last year, and there is a strong sense of structure within the team this year meaning players know where to be throughout the game as well as beginning to understand ball protection without being too tunnel visioned, which is great to see.

We had several highlights this week including a goal line territorial kick that saw us regather the ball further down field, ultimately resulting in a try for the Piranhas – great stuff Jackson.

I am excited by the strength and carry power of some of our new additions in the forward pack – Mana, Solomon and Noah all had powerful charging runs, well done!

We were also able to secure some good counter ruck opportunities from the likes of Walt, Max and Sebastian.

Paige and Jackson had a strong pivotal game and I am excited to work with these two as leaders of the team – well done.

Congratulations to player of the day – Mana – awarded for strong carries, hard hits, turnovers won and also playing for the opposition.

This week sees us pinned against the West Orcas.  This is a team that we had real trouble with last year and training this week will be focused on how we defeat the Orcas.  More to come here.  Please make sure you are at training on time and ready to start right on 4:30.  Please let me know if you can’t make it.

Very excited for the season ahead.