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Player Tally

Zach 15

Katipo Results

20-06West CorvettesWin
27-06Petone M10MWin
04-07Upper HuttWin

Player of The Day

20-06-2020Thomas Shortall

Opposition Play of Day

04-07Upper HuttCarlos

Tackler of the Day

20-06-2020Sam Jones
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Katipo Game 18 May 2019


  • When: Saturday 18th May
  • Where: Kilbirnie Park 2a
  • Time:  Kick-off is at 10:00am so please be there by 9:15 am for warm up.
  • Opposition: Oriental Rongotai Magpies [Ories]



Whakaaira is captain this weekend and will

  • Do the coin toss
  • Lead the team in our call
  • Lead the team onto the field
  • Take the first kick-off
  • Lead the three cheers for the opposition and the referee
  • Lead the handshakes with the opposition, and
  • Award the POD ribbon to the opposition team POD

Captains family brings:

  • Oranges for half time,
  • Wears the Burger King fair play bib
  • Choose the player of the day from the opposition


Please let me know if your son/daughter is not available on the week he/she is to be captain so I can nominate someone else!


The Captain next week : 




  • When: Wednesday 4:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Where: Kilbirnie Park
  • Gear: Mouthguards, comfortable training clothes/jacket, water bottle


Katipo Game 11 May 2018

Hi All,
Tomorrow’s game is confirmed at Lyndhurst Park, Tawa, against Tawa (they weigh-in at the same time as us) kick-off 11.45am or there abouts, depending on how long weigh-in takes.
It will be an hour-long training game, so make sure your Katipo has their boots and mouth guards and drink bottles ready too.

Team Weigh in 11th May 2019 @ 10am

Hi All

Welcome to the new season, Its team weigh in day this Saturday 11th May at 10am

The Weigh-ins will be held at Te Rauparaha Arena 17 Parumoana St, Porirua


Please leave enough time to find a car-park. Te Rauparaha Arena has 220 free car parking spaces available within the main parking area and there is free kerbside parking on Heriot Drive, Wineera Drive and Norrie Street within a 5 minute walk.

Please wear your Poneke Jersey. There are no games after weigh-in


Weigh in day Process for Teams:

  1. Parents and Players arrive at the Arena Foyer and gather together in your Poneke Teams ready for mustering.
  2. When we are allowed all Poneke Teams will be ushered through to Court 1 doors. 
  3. No one except Team Manager, Team Coach (2 adults per team) and players are to enter the main court areas NO PARENTS are allowed through
  4. As directed by the Mustering Crew, Manager/Coaches are to organise team into the same order on the Weigh-in Sheet.
  5. Once the team are all present and in order you will be ushered through to the weigh in area on Court 2.
  6. NO individual photos will be taken of players who are late.
  7. Once all members are weighed, the team will be ushered through to Court 3 to be photographed
  8. Once the team photo has been taken the children will exit via Court 3, turn left and exit via the rear doors – this will be a one way system and you can collect your children at the rear entrance.
  9. You are free to go at this point.


If you’re driving then:


From North:

  • Take off ramp and overbridge to Porirua and Titahi Bay.
  • Turn right at the roundabout (next to Pak’n’Save) onto Parumoana Street.
  • Continue straight through the next roundabout.
  • Turn left at roundabout (opposite Big Save Furniture and Briscoes). This will take you into an access way and to the carpark of Te Rauparaha Arena.

From South:

  • Take off ramp to Porirua. Turn left onto over bridge (Titahi Bay Road).
  • Continue straight through roundabout at bottom of the bridge (continuing on Titahi Bay Road).
  • Continue straight through next roundabout (next to KFC).
  • Continue straight through traffic lights. Turn right at roundabout (next to Denny’s Restaurant) onto Semple Street.
  • Turn right at roundabout (next to Burger King) onto Parumoana Street.
  • Turn right at roundabout (opposite Briscoes and Big Save Furniture) into the access way and carpark of Te Rauaparaha Arena.


Look forward to seeing you all there

Te Rauparaha Arena Layout









Hey team Katipo,

Well it was great weather to kick off our season on Saturday. Sorry I missed the game, I was with our older son’s rugby team which was playing at the same time.

Here’s a quick coaches overview of the game in my absence:

“Top effort from team Katipo on Saturday, really good seeing our kids out on the park finally, especially those who missed the pre-season game. – for your first-up game you should be proud.

Katipo was unlucky, getting pipped 19-17 to Wellington after leading 17-7, playing with 14 for a period in the second half after mistakenly thinking we had a player in the bin.

But to our team’s credit, they kept on fighting to the end to try claw back the game.”

Well done Katipo and keep up the enthusiasm!

Notable mentions:
Zach for taking out P.O.D from the opposition for another strong performance at #8, demonstrating some strong and committed running off the back of the scrum.
Otis for taking out P.O.D from us for relentless work at the breakdowns to recover or secure ball for us.
Paige for supporting her team even though she was unwell, top effort and 10 out of 10 for putting the team first.

Lastly, this season we will also be having a “chocolate bar/lolly” tackler of the day award, which Ian forgot to mention on Saturday.

This went to Whakaria at the weekend, for some superb one-on-one tackles from his position on wing, showing plenty of courage to make these “must make” tackles. Well done.

Ian will mention this at practice on Wednesday and hand over his award…

Onto this weekend – remember WEIGH IN IS THIS SATURDAY AT 10AM and we need all our Katipo kids there please!

Where, when and what to bring:
Weigh-in is at Te Rauparaha Arena ,17 Parumoana St, Porirua this Saturday.
Please be at the Arena foyer at 10am, keep an eye out for our team and we’ll gather ready for mustering.
Please leave enough time to find a carpark. Te Rauparaha Arena has 220 free car parking spaces available within the main parking area. There is free kerbside parking on Heriot Drive, Wineera Drive and Norrie Street within a 5 minute walk
Players MUST wear their Poneke Jersey
Once the team is ushered through, only the team coaches and manager will accompany them. NO PARENTS are allowed through
We will bring your children to you at the REAR ENTRANCE once weigh-in is complete.
FINALLY, after weigh-in we have organised a training game against Tawa, kick-off 11.45am (depending on how quickly weigh-in goes) in Tawa (venue to be advised, but mostly likely at Lyndhurst).

We know it’s a big chunk of your day, but it’d be great to keep the momentum going and get all our kids there.

Sing out if you have any queries, otherwise see you all at practice on Wednesday, 4.30pm, rain, hail or shine.

GO Team Katipo!

Deb Tapp

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